28 April 2005

Grief Counseling

I recently picked up Ken's copy of Jay Adams' classic pastoral counseling book, "Shepherding God's Flock," and read the section on grief counseling. Adams sees grieving people as ministry opportunities. I agree - it is important for pastors to minister to people who are grieving, especially since it is something that everyone will experience. We won't all get married, or have children, etc. ... but grief necessarily is something that we all go through.

Today I talked with a friend who is still grieving over the loss of her father several years after his death, mostly because she still has issues with him that she needs to forgive. I suppose forgiving someone who is dead is mostly for your own benefit - to eliminate bitterness which can eat away at your soul. My friend is certainly struggling; she cannot mention the subject without tears.

I wonder if Ken and I will be able to counsel people who are mourning the loss of a loved one - or even more complicated situations like this one. (By the way, incidentally - according to Jay Adams, the "Pastor's Wife" is not an office, and should not be treated as such. Thank you. How liberating.)

26 April 2005

now i am going blog/picture crazy. here are connie, aaron and me at the APC. (aaron is a volunteer who is paid in candy, coins and small bills) Posted by Hello

My Most of My Church (back row L-R: me, Ray, Ralph, Chester, Stephen, Aldo, Eric, Nick, Chuy, Eduardo, Jonah, Bryan, Ju Jin, Bruce, Doree, Gertrude, Julie, Liza, Liliana. front row L-R: Rita, JT, Imma, Dave, Rachel, Dorothy, Susan, Helen, Buzzy, Pam, Michelle, Suzy, Alta, Danny, Scott. Not pictured: BARB, Ken, Pastor Mac, Donna, and a few others...) Posted by Hello

Fire Drill

Yesterday at my work we had a fire drill. Normally this would be fine, a good idea, etc. However: my work consists of 3 employees. The fire drill was complete with an announcement over the loudspeaker (what on earth?) and a "role-play" (i.e.: run over to the donut shop and stay there for 5 minutes until the "fire" is put out).
I would like to pose the question - is this really necessary? I think not.

25 April 2005


Hi folks, Kermit thee frog here, reporting live from San Francisco, and excited to say that I have finally got a blog. Thanks to little sister Moisie for your selfless help to the technologically impaired.
OK, let's see if this thing works.