19 July 2008

Potato-Spinach-Sausage-Cheese Casserole

Before I forget, here's the link to the potato, spinach, sausage and cheese casserole that Christa brought us when Claire was brand-new. It was SUPER good and I even ate some for breakfast (that's how good it was!). I highly recommend this one next time you have to take a meal to somebody or to a church potluck, or whatever. I think it's my new favorite casserole.

Indian Pizza

I still don't have my own kitchen... but I am dying to try this soon. I love that it's all basically stuff you would have on hand anyway, except goat cheese and maybe potatoes. Go Midwest Living!

09 July 2008

Once A Month Cooking Report and Punch

I promised a report on how it works to do "Once A Month Cooking" when you're 9 months pregnant. Yeah, I wouldn't recommend it. Even if you're seriously nesting, it is exhausting. I had to sit down while kneading dough and other stupid stuff like that. So, probably won't do it again... at least not while I'm in that state.

We're in Ohio now, staying at a fabulous farm, waiting to move into our new digs (our house is almost ready). I'm looking forward to throwing an open house style party with all the best appetizers and... some punch. I have never made punch before. Not sure why... probably because I don't have a punch bowl. But I am going to go out and buy one because it just sounds so fun. I was actually inspired by Mom at a party she threw while we were up there last month. In her typical style she said, "Oh yeah, it's easy to just whip* some up. You just throw* some cranberry juice in and then toss* some ginger ale in, and, voilá."

* Please note the violent character of all these verbs.

ANYWAY - if anybody has a good punch recipe or idea, please pass it on. Not that anybody reads my blog anymore, and not that I blame them, since I haven't posted since baby.