27 October 2007

Link to some So Cal wildfire pics

You are probably sick of seeing pictures of these fires, but WSC has posted just a few interesting ones on their website.

The top left one is what we woke up to around 7 AM on Monday morning: half the sky bright blue like a typical San Diego day, and the other half a blackish orangish cloud completely covering the horizon to the south and creeping eastward.

When the whole sky turned pinkish orange, we were like, Peace, and hightailed it to SF.

17 October 2007



A link to good old Greenlake PCA you might suppose? Nope. Click on it. This is a whole new Greenlake.

Greenlake is trying to be Mars Hill... and I find that highly annoying. Mars Hill is an intriguing phenomenon... but is it compatible with the PCA? Apparently. Can someone please explain to me why this bothers me?