17 October 2007



A link to good old Greenlake PCA you might suppose? Nope. Click on it. This is a whole new Greenlake.

Greenlake is trying to be Mars Hill... and I find that highly annoying. Mars Hill is an intriguing phenomenon... but is it compatible with the PCA? Apparently. Can someone please explain to me why this bothers me?


Lydia said...

I can tell you why it bothers you- because it's change and that's hard to deal with! I checked out the website, and it looks like it's not the church we grew up with. Do you think there's anything Biblically wrong with having a cool website? : )

It looks like they've really revamped. I wonder if the building still looks the same?

Lydia said...
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E-Mo said...

hmm... maybe partially but also other things.

Definitely nothing wrong with having a cool website.

Having a women's chaplain though... possibly.

And, I don't know if the "take over Seattle for Jesus" mentality is the best approach... but, at least they're doing something, I suppose.

Doesn't the whole "campus" thing make you think of Mars Hill?

Anonymous said...

The website looks deliberately contrived. Almost like… we are relevant so you might think we are cool and join our group. For some reason it does not sit well with me too. The gospel and the New Testament present a different method and assumption. Their method was share the gospel and trust the Sprit of God to change the heart, not your persuasiveness or ability to be culturally relevant, hip and desirable.