25 August 2005

3 what-thes in a row

Peter G reminded me so kindly that I had two what-thes in a row, so I think I'll make it three.

On Tuesday night, Ken and I were dining at the Macaron-eye Grill (it's not that good). The family at the table next to us apparently experienced very slow service, so they demanded that their waitress get her manager. He came; they complained; he apologized. They didn't think it was a good-enough apology, though; they demanded to see HIS manager.

My question is: what the heck did they want? A free drink? They sure were loud. Ken and I just opened our eyes really wide and tried not to laugh too loudly. But my question is this, folks: In America, if you think you deserve better, do you just yell until you get it?

W H A T T H E ! !

24 August 2005

Marriage Seminar Needed

I think we need a marriage class at WSC. Ken just came in my office to get a Listerine strip after finishing off a Snickers bar, the last of which he was chewing. He also used my trash can to throw away the wrapper.


19 August 2005

Saying Hi Back

So I'm sitting here at work listening to the Flaming Lips (thanks, Tami) and this dude comes into my office, so I'm like, "Hi, can I help you?" and he says (nodding in Dr. Godfrey's office's direction), "Is he here?"

Now most people who come in here don't want to see me anyway. They are looking for Dr. G. Which is fine. But at least say hi back. Responding is very important if you want to be a social success. After I told the guy, "No, he's out today," he just left. No "OK thanks" or even "oh." What the?

17 August 2005


Welp, Ben and Amy Hardesty have officially tied the knot and are honeymooning in Hawaii.

We are "taking a break" from having guests while Ellis and his Czech friend Ondra check out Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. However... Stephen Jamauskas is stopping by this evening because he just dropped Buzzy off in Irvine (where she will be teaching 4th-6th grade at a Christian school, I believe). Then Ellis and Ondra will be back on Friday. So Ken and I feel like a hotel (in a good way). Mrs. Champness, the wife of the pastor of Redeemer OPC in Atlanta, told me to expect that... but I didn't think it would start until we at least had more room than a 1 bedroom apartment! But... what do I know.

Please keep visiting though, folks. We really do love to have you all come and see where we live/work/worship/play. :)

12 August 2005

The Mountain Fountain, May 2005

What memories, what memories...

09 August 2005

Our Old View

Sometime I'll have to show you a picture of our NEW view. (Or maybe not.)
It's not too exciting. It's our back fence, topped with a geranium planted in a Corona bucket. (The guy whose "large patio with yard" butts up against ours is a beer-drinking gardener.)

But anyway.. here's our old view from the Guest Suite in San Francisco. Wasn't it lovely?

08 August 2005


Welp, Ken and I had a great babysitting experience this weekend. It was lots of fun. We just pretended we were homeschool parents.

Here are Ken and William reading a reptile book.

We had lots of fun with the digital camera!

Here we are as one big happy family. (Abbie took the picture)

Good times.

05 August 2005

Apartment E

Here is our apartment. These two rooms are the ones we like to hang out in because they make up the full area that the air conditioning reaches. :)

04 August 2005

My New Job

My new job rocks. (I feel like I'm writing: Brinkley. Brinkley is my dog.)

Anyway, it does. I come there, people tell me I'm a genius (except Mary, the receptionist, who was told that I'm good at computers - ?), they laugh at my jokes, I laugh at their jokes, I get to talk to intelligent people all day, when I make dumb mistakes they are patient, etc., etc.

Plus, in a few weeks I am going to meet 70 new friends.

Can I stay here forever?