05 August 2005

Apartment E

Here is our apartment. These two rooms are the ones we like to hang out in because they make up the full area that the air conditioning reaches. :)


emiline said...

P.P.S. - Marie, see your picture on the fridge?

E,L&M's Mom said...

At least the piano is in the air conditioned part! Muy importante. I can scarcely wait to see it in person and try out that futon and the pool.

Yacob said...

Gotta love the air conditioning! You make it sound so great down there. I'd like to go to Cali again some day.

Peter said...

'Cuz I don't know what to say, EmilIE. But as soon as I have a comment to make, I'll post it. Like now, for example.
That apartment is rad.
No sming.

Anonymous said...

Air conditioning, shmair conditioning. Try living in 90 degree weather with 70-100% humidity and no air conditioning ;-)


emiline said...

Hmm... no thanks. :)

Wow Ben, what the 5 days till your wedding!!!

No smong.