25 August 2005

3 what-thes in a row

Peter G reminded me so kindly that I had two what-thes in a row, so I think I'll make it three.

On Tuesday night, Ken and I were dining at the Macaron-eye Grill (it's not that good). The family at the table next to us apparently experienced very slow service, so they demanded that their waitress get her manager. He came; they complained; he apologized. They didn't think it was a good-enough apology, though; they demanded to see HIS manager.

My question is: what the heck did they want? A free drink? They sure were loud. Ken and I just opened our eyes really wide and tried not to laugh too loudly. But my question is this, folks: In America, if you think you deserve better, do you just yell until you get it?

W H A T T H E ! !


E,L&M's Mom said...

If you are really low class, you might try that and see if it works. I know we don't have actual class distinctions in our society, but there are plenty of people who are classy and plenty of people who are not. :)

emiline said...

hmm. interesting. these people were definitely middle-class. the mom and dad were much older than the kids - maybe they were even grandparents but not necessarily. the dad was wearing a shirt for a soccer team that maybe he coached. it said a bunch of kids names on it.

Lydia said...

Get this em,

there is a regular customer of mine who was complaining about the price of her drink (which is really the same as it always has been and should be) and she was trying to tell me that since it's an espresso over ice it should be cheaper than an americano. i patiently told her that no, it's the same because ice is the same as water, therefore, it's the exact same drink. she got all cranky and made the barista remake her drink like four times, and then when she was leaving she took a comment card with her, so now we're gonna get a comment report in the mail that says something like "register partner was rude" because that always happens to me. and of course, i wasn't! anyway, much to my dismay, this happened again with another customer, and she actually MADE me check the price on my computer... and lo and behold... they were right. a quad espresso is ten cents cheaper than a quad americano. who knew ice was cheaper than water? so, it turns out that i had to apologize to the first woman, even though i really didn't want to. grr.

emiline said...

that's retarded. because actually, if you want to get technical, ice is more expensive than water! even if you make it yourself instead of buying it... that's labor $, right?

you should tell starbucks to get real and lower their quad americano price by 10 cents.

p.s. i bet she puts about a cup of milk in it, doesn't she? she is just too cheap to buy an iced latte. what is wrong with people!

E,L&M's Mom said...

Ems, when you become a Supreme Court judge, I hope everyone gets a chance to read your blog! "What the" -- indeed!!!

Marie said...

Hey I like Macaroni Grill!

So if there were someone who was too cheap to buy an iced chai, are there any good annoying tricks for that? Besides asking for it without ice? :)

emiline said...

you could try this trick that Ken tried the other day in starbucks: He ordered an iced chai and paid for it, then the girl was like, "what kind of milk would you like?"

He said, "half & half"

She was like, "What? you mean half non fat and half whole milk?"

And he was like, "no, half and half."

I had to tell him that that's technically not allowed.

(I hope Lyd appreciates this.)

Rachel said...

And did you know, that a grande hot chocolate with an add shot is about twenty cents cheaper than a single grande mocha? And please, don't confuse the two when you are ringing!

emiline said...

dude - what is the difference between a grande add-shot hot chocolate and a grande mocha? Is it just more sophisticated to say "Grande Mocha" or something?