06 September 2005


With hurricanes and all, I have ceased to blog about stupid stuff.

For an inside view on the hurricane damage, check out this PCA blogger's pictures.


Marie said...

I like hearing about stupid stuff. You can't just watch CNN all the time. You can pray, and send $, and volunteer, but you don't have to feel guilty about eating Haagen-Dazs ice cream afterwards.

E,L&M's Mom said...

Em, I agree with Marie. I was noticing how many people are out their riding bikes and sailing, like they don't have a care in the world. How much "care" can you carry.

emiline said...

I don't feel guilty. Don't worry. I am thankful that I am dry and that I don't have E-coli. I still eat ice cream.

However.. it does put things in perspective.

E,L&M's Mom said...

I am glad that MNA is down there and that we can support the work they are doing. Thanks for putting the link to that guy's blog on here. I forwarded it to some key people. It is stunning to look at the pictures.

Marie said...

HEY! It's been like 5 years since you blogged. Cmon now. Write about those brilliant dinners you've been making or something.

Batch said...

Hey, thanks for the referrals (I just found you today- 1/10/06). Keep blogging about all sorts of stuff.

We're alive and well and have bought another home to rebuild. Keep praying for a favorable insurance settlement.

Batch (of simuljustusetpeccator)