22 September 2005

Mom's Granola

I hope you all know that I never compliment myself, but my friends say I make brilliant food. But I must confess... sometimes I hate Martha. So here's a recipe from MY MOM, the ultimate un-Martha. (Love her!!!)

8 c. oats
3/4 c. honey
1/4 c. olive oil
dried fruits - raisins, apples, dates, berries and/or cranberries
chopped nuts (Mom says go easy on these - they add lots of fat!)

Spread the oats evenly on a cookie sheet. Bake at 300 until lightly toasted. Meanwhile combine honey and olive oil (no need to mix) and warm in microwave or toaster oven (if you are boycotting microwaves like I am).

Dump oats into large bowl. Mix with fruits and nuts. Drizzle honey-oil mixture over oat mixture and stir to combine. Enjoy warm (yummy!) or store in a cool dry place for later use.

(Note: this morning I just used up all the oats I had. Poor Ken was probably tired of oatmeal anyway. I didn't measure it but it covered the cookie sheet about an inch thick with oats. Then I halved the amount of honey and oil - I did 1/2 c. honey and 1/8 c. oil... which now that I think about it is not exactly halving. Oh well.)


Moira said...

Dearest Emsie,
I enjoyed the subtle reference to Emma. Perhaps 'twas so subtle you didn't notice it, but I did. :D
Granola would be fun to make at school. Thanks for the recipe!

Peter G said...

Hey Em, why are you boycotting microwaves? Is it because they would be cooler if they were megawaves?

p.s. Moira said 'twas.

E,L&M's Mom said...

I also enjoyed the "subtle reference to Emma" and feel a strong need for a Jane Austin movie-thon!!! and tea with homemade scones and possibly crumpets? I just ran across my crumpet recipe last night whilst engaged in finding muffin recipes to use up the plethora of bananas at Adam's house. Good times; it's all good... What is it Martha says? oh yes, "It's a good thing."

emiline said...

Oh yeah! And all this time I thought I was making a reference to Tami. :)

ang said...

Wow!!! I'm totally excited!!! I will have to try the granola recipe!!! Mr. Darcy.....

emiline said...

P.S. - I forgot to include this subtle bit of info but "bocconcini" or whatever actually refers to fresh mozzarella balls which you can get at Trader Joe's or most grocery stores in the deli section. Martha is really not as complicated as she thinks she is!

The fsh! said...

I am so inordinately proud of myself for inspiring you to blog again, I want to take a bow. Anyways, good job, look at all your comments, everyone loves you and your martha.

Moira said...

Emsie- I am SO going to make some granola this afternoon. That's for the inspiration! :)