29 July 2005


Escondido is brilliant. Every Tuesday afternoon they close a section of Grand Avenue and have a little farmer's market. It is no Pike Place, but it is pretty cool. It is too hot to eat anything but salad, so it's perfect.

Our apartment has a large patio with yard. This means: 27 square feet of patio and a little strip of dirt. But... mint is growing randomly in the dirt, so that's cool.

Yesterday we went to a winery! I am shocked that Escondido has one, but it does. And it's pretty cute. Not fancy like Northern CA ones, but a nice eye-break from the chain stores of Escondido.

P.S. - Ken joined Costco! Can you believe it?

16 July 2005


Finally! We are moved in to the Grand Rose Apartments in sunny, HOT Escondido, California. Pictures coming soon. It's great to be neighbors with Bethy once again.

But for now, here's one of our friend Ben Hardesty and his fiance (his FEE-ansee?!) Amy. Wedding date: August 13. Registered at Bed Bath & Beyond and Kaufman's if anyone wants to send a gift. :)