25 July 2006

Heat Wave!

It is hot. But Saturday was the worst: I heard reports of 109, 110, 111, 112, 113 and 114 (successively.. it was sort of like a fish story).

I heard there were even fatalities! We did our best to stay cool and so didn't die - but I think my pepper plant might be a casualty. It is not looking too good anymore and every time I water it, more of its leaves fall off. They are healthy looking leaves, but then they just drop to the ground. :( Any tips?

We camped out on the porch last night. It was nice and cool (relatively speaking)... but there were scary noises coming from the woods. ! Yikes....

06 July 2006

Cherry Tomatoes

We would have lots of tomatoes by now except that other animals keep eating them. Hmm. Sketchy. I am spraying them with soapy water which seems to keep most bugs away. I'm growing a pepper plant and basil in the screened-in porch in hopes that gophers and rabbits will not get to them. Aphids, however, love the pepper blossoms!

Anyway. I suppose that's the price we have to pay for living in the woods.

On the bright side (literally), on Tuesday night we saw the fireworks in Grape Day Park from our little perch on the hill, and didn't have to deal with any crowds. So nice!!!