28 June 2005

Ken in Guest Suite

Here is Ken modeling our apartment in Ralph & Ai's house... otherwise known as the Guest Suite.
If you would like to make reservations to stay there after we move out, please let me know.

27 June 2005

In the Woods

Welp, on Friday, Ken and I got back from a week at this lovely place. It was most refreshing. The weather was perfect, and not a mosquito in sight.
We also enjoyed daily encouraging sermons by Pastor Bill Shishko from Franklin Square OPC in New York City. After these encouraging sermons we did other encouraging things like taste wine, go bowling and ride rollercoasters. It was the second best vacation I have ever taken.

I got glasses and suddenly have become a vegetarian and do not wear makeup. Posted by Hello

13 June 2005

Walk For Life... DONE.

Well folks, another Walk for Life is over. Thanks to all who supported Ken and me financially or morally. :)

And now for my next project... finding and hiring my replacement!

Jake and Ken at the Walk for Life! Posted by Hello

09 June 2005

Here are Precious #4, #2, and #3 at Cracker Barrell in Tiftonia (the Cigna Chain Gang reunion). [otherwise known as Emily, Daphne and Christie] Posted by Hello

I Got A Job!

You are reading the blog of the newest staff member of Westminster Theological Seminary. I owe great thanks to Pastor Erickson to pulling some strings for me. :) Also to my mom for teaching me how to be a great administrative assistant!

I'm going to be the assistant to the president of the seminary, Dr. Godfrey. I'll start sometime in July (that has yet to be determined.)

All we need now is a place to live! :S :)

07 June 2005

Our dear little graduate. We are so proud of her! Posted by Hello

Here are some random friends at graduation. I think the fashion awards go to Monica for her daring yet conservative Ralph Lauren capris, and of course to Julianne for her amazing talent to pull off halter tops and those huge hoop earrings that Ken won't let me wear. Posted by Hello

Pam, Michelle, Stephen, Ken, Buzzy, and Susie at the Crepe Vine after Bible Study (I was the photographer) Posted by Hello

Get a Thesaurus

Bruce said to me, "You haven't posted in like forever." Which made me think... Is anyone else paying attention to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes? I know, Mom, you don't care. And I don't either... well, just a little. It is sort of interesting.

Anyway, Katie Holmes is reported as saying to one source: "Tom is the most amazing man." And then to another source: "Tom is the most incredible man. He's amazing."

And do you know what they said about her? Get a Thesaurus!

I think that's a little harsh. People ask her the same question day after day. I can sympathize. Does a day go by when I do not hear, "So, when are you guys moving? Do you have a place yet? Do you have a job yet?" Which is fine. But - after a while I do feel like a parrot.

My conclusion: lay off of Katie Holmes, folks. Anyway, how would you like to be Tom Cruise's wife #3? Yuck! And that's my deep thought of the day. Thank you.