07 June 2005

Get a Thesaurus

Bruce said to me, "You haven't posted in like forever." Which made me think... Is anyone else paying attention to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes? I know, Mom, you don't care. And I don't either... well, just a little. It is sort of interesting.

Anyway, Katie Holmes is reported as saying to one source: "Tom is the most amazing man." And then to another source: "Tom is the most incredible man. He's amazing."

And do you know what they said about her? Get a Thesaurus!

I think that's a little harsh. People ask her the same question day after day. I can sympathize. Does a day go by when I do not hear, "So, when are you guys moving? Do you have a place yet? Do you have a job yet?" Which is fine. But - after a while I do feel like a parrot.

My conclusion: lay off of Katie Holmes, folks. Anyway, how would you like to be Tom Cruise's wife #3? Yuck! And that's my deep thought of the day. Thank you.


E,L&M's Mom said...

Most amazing, fantastic ;)
PS I think I have this listing sold at full price because it turned into a multiple offer situation. :)

emiline said...

uh-oh!!! go mom!
i think it's time to take dad out for dinner! (you can pretend it's because the M's have won 7 of their last 9.)