27 June 2005

In the Woods

Welp, on Friday, Ken and I got back from a week at this lovely place. It was most refreshing. The weather was perfect, and not a mosquito in sight.
We also enjoyed daily encouraging sermons by Pastor Bill Shishko from Franklin Square OPC in New York City. After these encouraging sermons we did other encouraging things like taste wine, go bowling and ride rollercoasters. It was the second best vacation I have ever taken.


E,L&M's Mom said...

Kewl! Are you guys getting packed to move? Thanks for telling me to call the Jamisons. I did and they are going to come over Saturday and buy a house. Double kewl!!

Peter said...

What the ending a blog post with "it was the second best vacation I've ever taken." So... care to let us know what the best was?

emiline said...

My honeymoon.
(I knew it would irk you, Peej.)

Peter said...

Oh. Right. Shoulda known.

Moira said...

It's okay, Peter. I was wondering too.

Mother Hen said...

Of course it would be the honeymoon!

(that was my first ever real vacation, and the best!)