07 June 2005

Here are some random friends at graduation. I think the fashion awards go to Monica for her daring yet conservative Ralph Lauren capris, and of course to Julianne for her amazing talent to pull off halter tops and those huge hoop earrings that Ken won't let me wear. Posted by Hello


E,L&M's Mom said...

And Susan!!! She is as cute as ever! You have such cute and great friends, Em.

emiline said...

i know. susan - where are you? and i forgot to mention in my fashion critique that marie is sporting a homemade dress by nicky lewin (i think).

Moira said...

And don't forget that Emily is wearing MY SHIRT! I was Wondering where that went!! I might just have to call you on that one. I'd like an explanation, Lucy. Harrumph.

E,L&M's Mom said...

I have been trying for quite a few years to tell you that borrowing without asking is STEALING. hello?

emiline said...

dear moira,
you can have "your" shirt back, since i will be wearing more professional clothing at my new job.
p.s. - i want my stuff back too. ;)

Marie's mom said...

Hey Emily,
I'm having struggles with you calling my daughter a "random friend"
Have fun moving,