04 August 2005

My New Job

My new job rocks. (I feel like I'm writing: Brinkley. Brinkley is my dog.)

Anyway, it does. I come there, people tell me I'm a genius (except Mary, the receptionist, who was told that I'm good at computers - ?), they laugh at my jokes, I laugh at their jokes, I get to talk to intelligent people all day, when I make dumb mistakes they are patient, etc., etc.

Plus, in a few weeks I am going to meet 70 new friends.

Can I stay here forever?


Yacob said...

Sounds pretty good to me. Just be careful, as God always seems to mix things up when we get too comfortable :)

emiline said...

oh believe you me, we are eating lentils every night. So it's not TOO comfortable. (good timing to become a vegetarian eh? right before seminary?)

On the other hand.. it is still America, the land of having whatever you want (pretty much).

E,L&M's Mom said...

Wistfully, I had a job like that once, not too long ago. It was in downtown Seattle at KPMG (and before that at Arthur Andersen.) I still miss the job and the people, but I am having lunch with some of them in a couple weeks. รถ

emiline said...

OOh, like Maggie, ta da ta da?