09 July 2008

Once A Month Cooking Report and Punch

I promised a report on how it works to do "Once A Month Cooking" when you're 9 months pregnant. Yeah, I wouldn't recommend it. Even if you're seriously nesting, it is exhausting. I had to sit down while kneading dough and other stupid stuff like that. So, probably won't do it again... at least not while I'm in that state.

We're in Ohio now, staying at a fabulous farm, waiting to move into our new digs (our house is almost ready). I'm looking forward to throwing an open house style party with all the best appetizers and... some punch. I have never made punch before. Not sure why... probably because I don't have a punch bowl. But I am going to go out and buy one because it just sounds so fun. I was actually inspired by Mom at a party she threw while we were up there last month. In her typical style she said, "Oh yeah, it's easy to just whip* some up. You just throw* some cranberry juice in and then toss* some ginger ale in, and, voilá."

* Please note the violent character of all these verbs.

ANYWAY - if anybody has a good punch recipe or idea, please pass it on. Not that anybody reads my blog anymore, and not that I blame them, since I haven't posted since baby.


Kate said...

I'm still here, although I haven't made punch before--no punch bowl either.
Glad to hear you made it to the midwest safe and sound.

Anonymous said...

Dude. Fake/virgin Mojitos. They're beautiful. Mom and I are addicted.
2 cans frozen limeade
1 2-liter ginger ale
1 handful mint leaves (fresh if possible, but dried works too)

Toss, throw, huck, whip, do what you need to. Drink.

Justin drank so much last time that it made his teeth sensitive. He is not allowed to have a Real mojito in the future; he would surely end up drunk. The end. :)

emilie said...

wow... OK. good to know. That sounds brilliant. I will huck (?) some together :)

Chuck and Michele said...

Okay, here's what you do... the night before the party take some frozen strawberries, peaches and blueberries and put them in a small container and fill with water...finished product should fit inside the "punch bowl" and freeze... (this will float in your punch bowl) then pour 1 large container of cranberry/peach (best) or cranberry/apple or cranberry/grape juice and 1 two liter bottle of 7-up in a bowl. Run water over the container to release the frozen fruit mold and let that float in the bowl.

emilie said...

Brilliant. I'll have to try that. We're hoping to have an open house soon to show off our new digs... sounds like a prime punch-serving opportunity :)