21 March 2008

Once A Month Cooking

Now that I am a housewife, I'm going to try "once a month cooking" ... to stock up for when the baby comes. Instead of cooking for a whole month, I'm going to make 14 meals, and see how long that lasts us. They're nothing too exciting, just a bunch of chicken dishes and soups, but hopefully they will sound good to tired parents and mean that we (I) don't have to cook.

If it works well, I'll describe the whole process in detail right here. Stay tuned. :)


Kate said...

emily, this sounds like a great idea. A lady I used to go to church did this for her family of eight. She just had one long day in the kitchen and then had the rest of the month free from cooking dinner. It is also nice because you can buy some ingredients in bulk and save money that way. I have always wanted to do this, but have never had the freezer space. I hope it works out well. I can't wait to hear.
Also, I just watched a video that Brannan took at Phil and Alisia's reception and you were in it. You are one cute pregnant woman, I must say. :)

Christa said...

It's time for an update for all of us wondering if you are safe and settling in Ohio! :D