24 February 2006


Here is our cute little OPC High School Winter Camp staff team. L-R: Phil Nakhla, Rev. Roger Wagner, Bill Parkinson, Dave Crum, Ken, Jane Crum, me, Susan Winslow, Linda Pasarilla, and Sami & Kevin Brandon.

Notes of interest and fame:
- Yep, Phil Nakhla is one of the famous Nakhlas from Calvary OPC in La Mirada.

- Roger Wagner is the famous pastor of Bayside OPC in Chula Vista (San Diego).

- Bill Parkinson's fake Ugg Boots are actually from Costco. Aren't they awesome? He is from an OPC in Torrance that used to be pentecostal but became Reformed over the course of many years. He brought like 20 kids with him!

- Dave & Jane Crum are from Tijuana and are missionaries sent out by the So. Cal Presbytery of the OPC. Before becoming a missionary, Dave played McGivor (sp?) on TV, I am told. Just kidding. But seriously. Dave was the camp director, and Jane cooked awesome food for us all weekend.

- Susan Winslow is just completely awesome. She thinks she might be too old to be a counselor. But the high school girls think she is really great. They love to hear about how she met Dave. The Winslows are from Westminster OPC (formerly Garden Grove) and Dave Winslow is Pam Majauskas's brother.

- Linda came and helped Jane cook! She is from the OPC in Costa Mesa.

- The Brandons are from Faith OPC in Long Beach. Kevin can solve a Rubix cube in 45 seconds. He is like the 125th best Rubix-cube solver in the world. Sami is a teacher and a co-worker of Buzzy's at the Christian school at Westminster OPC. She went to Biola and knows Jessica Jamison!

* Just a little FYI... my team, "My Way or the Highway to Hell," came in 2nd for skits. We were awesome though... we won first place for costumes. We had a Wizard of Oz theme and I was the cowardly lion. My costume was seriously awesome. Tabitha (from HARVEST, Represent) won best actress for her performance as Glinda the Good Princess, and Daniel won Best Line for his little soliloquy as the Scarecrow. I personally thought all of our team was great. We seriously were Oscar material.


Bruce, Son of Leod said...

How come Ken isn't named in the group photo? I see him! You can't hide him!
So good of you to post, looks like you've got a normal winter down there (we had a few flakes of snow yesterday morning...).
Hope sem is going well for both of you. Come and visit soon :).

E,L&M's Mom said...

Maybe she didn't say anything about Ken because we all know how awesome he is already!

Lydia said...

What? The usually blind lydsie sees something you guys do not see? she did name ken in the photo, and even in order! check again, my friends!

E,L&M's Mom said...

Yes, he is listed in the list, but she didn't say how awesome he is in her list of how awesome every one else is... :)

emiline said...

It wasn't a list of awesomeness, at least it didn't start out to be... and yes, we already know that Ken is awesome.

what the of course. ;)

by the by, I don't think this is a normal winter.. it has been balmy and in the 70s. Or maybe that is just San Diego?? hmm.

Moira said...

And then there is Emily and Ken and they are just awesome (period). I believe that is what we are all thinking should be in there, but that's a given. Of course, there's more but we'll leave that for later.
Glad you posted, emsie!

tami said...

i have one word for you and ken: from dust you are and to dust you shall return.



E,L&M's Mom said...

How is that warm? What a sense of humor you have! Love you,
Mrs. H.