13 June 2006

Carless in a Carful Society

Well folks, we're still without a car. We found a good one on Craigslist though, and had it czeched out as Meg suggested, and it seems fine. Now we just have to get it from the dude. But you will never believe this: it's a silver Mazda 626! How ironic. I didn't necessarily want only grey cars in this life. Oh well.

I did break down and rent one though. I couldn't stand it. Plus, I forgot about Robert's offer to let us borrow his car while he's in Australia. Woops.

In conclusion, don't feel too sorry for us. We are cruisin around now in our shiny blue mitsubishi (just for a week though.. hopefully). We got a BBQ after being inspired by Eagle Crest. We're going to give it a try tonight!

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E,L&M's Mom said...

a barbecue!!! oh, man, what fun... I put vacation pictures on my blog. Mom