21 September 2006


Remember how mom used to not know how to post pictures on her blog? Well now I don't because I take pictures with my camera phone, and I can't figure out how to upload them to my computer.

Any advice?

In other news, I am on a diet so I will look cute in that green bridesmaids dress of Susan's. The biggest thing is - I am not eating any sugar! Except in fruit. No refined sugar of course, so no sweets - and also no ketchup and other good stuff like that. Not even honey. But bread. Definitely bread.

You will not believe this but Ken is on the no-sugar bandwagon too. We both had a really hard day yesterday. I had a bad headache and Ken was confronted with all KINDS of temptation. But we prevailed! Will power baby.


Peter G said...

I don't know about yours, but with my phone I can just send pictures as a message to my email address.

Peter G said...

Oh, now that I read the rest of your post, I have another comment to make.

I've been trying to be on a diet. I think it's working because I haven't gained any weight. But I'm not losing any either. Oh well. No bridesmaid's dress for me!

emiline said...

ha ha! But you still have to see a lot of old friends.

I think you also have to work out. but by the time you hit your mid to late 20s... it's tough mang.

emiline said...

p.s. i figured it out with my phone. but thanks for all your helpful advice peej. ;)

Anonymous said...

Actually, I believe that honey is pretty good for you. Generally, if you cut out white sugar and white flour, and get exercise, then you should do pretty well.