24 August 2006

Side Project

I think I am going to write a cookbook. Not yet - but maybe in another 10 years when I have more cooking experience. I know there are already a lot of cookbooks out there and mine probably won't make it to Barnes & Noble, but it will still be fun!

The theme could be nutritious cooking from scratch, because that's what I like to do. It bugs me when recipes call for prepared foods. That is not a recipe to me. Although I must admit, "prepared" is a relative term. Most stuff in my kitchen has undergone some sort of processing or preparation, except fresh fruits and veggies. A

Anyway, you know how you feel when Betty Crocker has a recipe that calls for processed cheese loaf? Disappointed, shocked, even nauseous? That's how I feel too. You just skip right over those kind of recipes. My cookbook is not going to have any of that trash. It will have recipes involving foods from your pantry like whole grains and beans, and fresh produce.

I hope I'm not just duplicating Laurel's Kitchen though. That is one of the best cookbooks ever. It makes me want to move to Berkeley, bake bread in coffee cans, protest the war and make vegetarian dogfood for my golden retriever.


Lydia said...

Em! I know exactly what you are talking about! Last year (or so) I tried to make biscuits- doesn't seem so complicated- a little flour, a little butter, yada, yada, and so I looked in Betty Crocker, because I figured she would be the queen of made from scratch type things, and do you know what she told me? One cup of bisquick and half a cup of water. SOOOOO not helpful! How is one supposed to make biscuits if you have to have the bisquick already? I was super frustrated. So I called Mom, and got a recipe from her, but she tried to remember from scratch, and I think one important ingredient was left out. They turned out like rocks. Oops. I think I later acquired a recipe from the internet. Lame.

emiline said...

Yeah, that is one of the recipes that bugs me! I think since Betty Crocker invented Bisquick, she thinks she can just use it in all her biscuit/pancake etc. recipes! So lame.

I hope Mom won't mind but I plan to incorporate plenty of her recipes in my cookbook. Don't worry Mom, I will give you credit.

It is totally fun to share recipes! My latest one to share is Mom's pasta salad.