15 November 2006

another pic

This awesome picture was stolen from Monica's FlickR. Thanks Mon ;)

L-R: Em, Rachel, Ari. This is right after we finished our rap, OK, Rachel's rap, to which Ari and I beatboxed. The whole idea of Rachel rapping is so ridiculous it's awesome. She is pretty much one of the whitest people around, both in skin color and personality. :)

Anyway, it was so fun. More to come.


Monica said...

Glad you could use my pics. I told Liz Crusey you were in town and she was REALLY bummed she was going to miss you.

emiline said...


Thanks again for sharing them! You are good at taking pictures Mon.

OK it's getting cold here. 51 degrees. I put a coat on.

Anonymous said...

Emily! You look so skinny in that dress! :)