19 July 2007

Fallen Tree

A tree fell down at work... actually part of a tree. It wasn't windy or anything; it was just a big rotten eucalyptus whose time had come. It very nearly caused damage but just brushed the side of the library. Imagine the librarian's surprise to find this out his window on Monday morning!

Anyway this is Ryan demonstrating what would have happened if it fell during lunch time.

Photo courtesy of Sunny Chung.


Anonymous said...

So what you are saying is that the picnic table and that man named Ryan eats up in the tree during the lunch hour?

B said...


That was an exciting event, was it not?

That was a hefty branch that only missed the library windows by about a few millimeters.

megan said...

that's a really great picture. how conveient that the tree fell around him!

Peter G said...

OK Em, I finally put a new post on my blog, so now it's your turn!!