08 February 2008

Top 10 things about Dayton

Maybe you didn't know this, but Dayton, Ohio, is actually exceedingly cool. I cannot wait to live there, for the following reasons:

1. They have seasons... for real... probably complete with beautiful fall colors.
2. They have the Eckardts
3. They have tornadoes (oh wait that's not cool)
4. It is probably weird in a cool way, like Chattanooga
5. It's only a 7 hour drive from Chattanooga.. read: frequent visits to Sus and Marie!
6. No matter how weird it is, it's where little Baby Mo will spend the first year of her life, so the memories are guaranteed to be sweet!
7. I will have my own refrigerator again! (It is yet to be decided if that small perk is worth giving up the fabulous ambiance of the avocado house along with one housemate who acts on every whim to bake something amazing and then share, and the other one who does my dishes all the time... and did I mention they both have fabulously loud laughs)
8. We will get to be real Americans for the first time ever. Living on the west coast you don't really feel like one, and living in Chattanooga you just feel like a $%&* Yankee, but I bet people in Ohio are real Americans. Like the kind that fly flags outside their homes.
9. I just cannot wait to check out Carillon Park. What the heck is a Carillon, anyway?
10. It is a wicked-cheap place to live!

We are hoping to get some sort of a three-bedroom place. This means that you're welcome to visit :)


Katie said...

Oh man, your own fridge?! I'm JEALOUS!!! And I'm assuming you mean I'm the one that bakes all the time, right? ;) Oh, and with that flag-raising comes an insane amount of 2-kingdom theology....oh wait, no.

alli said...

You have to go to Dewey's near the university. It is such awesome pizza. My dad always gets the Bronx Bomber. I am a fan of the Edgar Allen Poe.

When we visit my parents there we usually make a trip to the Dorothy Lane grocery store just because it is soooo nice. Trader Joe's (in Kettering) is a big hit for us too, since we don't have one in Chattanooga.

The Neon movie theater, downtown, is awesome. It is all indie films, you can get beer or wine for refreshment. And the building is amazing architecture.

And the 2nd Street Public Market is so much fun on Saturdays.

You will probably like it there a lot. I enjoy visiting.

alli said...

P.S. My parents (daddy is in the air force) are trying to sell their house. Are you looking to buy? They have an amazing house near Dayton View Triangle.

Peter G said...

It's also a 4-hour trip from Pittsburgh. Ben lives there.

It's also a 7-hour trip from Syracuse. Chopped liver lives there.


emilie said...

Brilliant. We'll have to make a 7-hour trip to the 'Cuse to visit chopped liver. :)